Urgent Care

Urgency, But Not an Emergency

Don’t sit in a waiting room or drive to a hospital when you're sick or injured. RevDoc comes to you for urgent care services so you can avoid the stress and expense of the ER and still get immediate treatment. 

Non-Complex Urgent Care handles colds, flu, COVID, Strep Throat, Urinary Tract Infections, rashes, abdominal pain, ear, and eye issues. All-inclusive package: labs, diagnostics, materials, fixed price. Get comprehensive care, with no hidden costs. 

Complex Urgent Care manages cuts, sutures, IV hydration, infections, abscesses, sprains, concussions, and trigger points. Enjoy transparent pricing with all-inclusive services, ensuring comprehensive care for your urgent medical needs.

Non-Complex Urgent Care

Test results in 15 minutes 
  • Rapid Flu Test 

  • Rapid Strep Test 

  • Rapid Mono Test 

  • Rapid Urinalysis 

  • Ear cleaning 

  • Common diagnoses include colds, sinus infections, ear infections, upper respiratory infections. 

Complex Urgent Care

After hours and weekends open
  • Cuts and Abrasions 

  • Sutures 

  • IV Hydration 

  • Wounds and Infections 

  • Abscess Management 

  • Sprains and Strains 

  • Concussions 

  • Trigger Points